Saturday, July 2, 2011


The weather has been acting some what "normal" since Summer began
(and if you are a New Yawker you know what I'm talking about) some days
it's chilly out and then others its scorching. So, I found this cute little striped
number and immediately balloons came to mind. When I mentioned balloons to
my friends they collectively exhaled, some held their heads but they all rolled their eyes.
This is how I know I'm doing something right(wink,wink). XOXO


While at the news stand I was drawn to this issue of Paris Vogue (mainly
due to her purple dress & purple happens to be my favorite color) and this model
on the cover, she was so beautiful and her eyes made me spend $9.99 on the
magazine!! Here are a few pictures from the issue, hope you are as mesmerized as I am.