Thursday, November 25, 2010

Happy Thanksgiving America!

Tune in on Thursday Nov. 30th @ 10pm on CBS live at the Lexington Armory, NYC

Amber Rose Vibe 2010
Ok, So I saw Amber Rose on Running Russell Simmons the other day
and was totally smitten by her! No, Im not a lesbian but I gotta admit
Amber IS HOT!

Tuesday, November 2, 2010



Every week I choose a celebrity with admirable style for my 'Most Attainable & Glam
Goddess' section. These ladies in my opinion are bringing fierceness to the game.
Most Attainable doesn't have to mean boring but it can mean comfortable, clean,
effortless style that translates to everyday wear. And the Glam Goddesses, who
are we kidding they are FAB, FAB, FAB!! They are women we love to watch
maneuvering in those sky high stilettos!  Work it ladies!


My BEST immation of Ciara

Last week was my very first(1st) blog posting & already I received
feed back from my friends who visited the site & this is what they
had to say. "Hey T, why  do you look so constipated?" AND
"Hey T, why does your leg look like a kickstand on a bike?"
Wow, I thought how brutally honest my friends are and you know
what? I totally love them for it! XOXO to all my friends! So, I
believe with this posting I look a bit more relaxed & comfy in my
poses, you can email me and tell me what you think. Also, Fall is
approaching, and the NY weather literally went from 70 degrees
one day to 40 degrees overnight! Along with the weather change
our wardrobe changed too! Guess its good bye Indian summer
and sandals and Hello Fall!