Monday, December 24, 2012


Since we last saw our heroine she has had a "rebirth". She's a changed woman, she's
turned over a new leaf and she's sworn NEVER to revert back to her old ways.
As a matter-o-fact, her ways are so old she doesn't even remember them! Like her
idols Prince and Mike Tyson she's even changed her name to...Eva. And as usual,
she's right on time to make change a resolution for the New Year!

Eva, wants to take a moment to thank you for your continued support.
She promised to bring in 2013 with zanier antics and with a big BANG!



Photos: Chastity Yvette

As you know we are days away from the New Year, I'm so psyched and excited to see what wonderful things and blessings the New Year will bring for us all! Below, I've comprised a list of the celebs that made me tune-in, watch and take notice honey!
I'm hoping to see lots MORE of next year, cause trust me...I will be watching!

MORE family fun from the new IT couple T.I & Tiny
MORE from the Fabulous Ms. Nene Leakes


J and Bey
Khloe & Lamar -C'mon now you know they black!
Barack and Michelle Obama