Thursday, April 14, 2011


For each posting I choose celebrities for my 'Most attainable & Glam Goddess' post.
For the 'Most attainable' girl, she is a woman who "keeps it real" in the streets, she is
photographed in flats, tights, jeans, her hair is dishevled with coffee in hand and you
know she gave her stylist the day off. BUT she is no way boring instead her style is
clean, effortless, modern, comfortable and translates to EVERYDAY wear.
And on the other hand we have the 'Glam Goddess', they are just that, Goddesses!
They are GLAMAZONS, prim and proper leaving the coffee shop, or JFK,
LAX all while balancing life in sky high Louboutins. Which ever one you are
we must admit both are FAB,FAB,FAB and we cant take our eyes off of them!
They continue to keep us guessing and in awe...Work it Ladies!!!


IT girl of the moment gapped-toothed model Lindsey Wixson

Musical Note-Janelle Monae

Kate Middleton's Milinery Style 101

I found this little white floral dress at a flea market and decided to add some pearls
and then I thought about June Cleaver and I was immediately transported back to
that era (hence the white gloves) . I left my hair the same as a possible contradiction...
demure yet wild maybe? Hmmmm, I wonder.


I've always been a fan of  natural, curly, afro and wild hair!
And then I came across this picture of Miss Kelly Rowland
sporting a similar look and she looks GORGEOUS!